September 7, 2014 all-day

Do you know how to plan and execute a safe, enjoyable day paddle on the Great Lakes? Boat handling skills are essential, but you also need the ability to
* assess and mitigate risks
* choose and bring essential equipment
* evaluate route options
* communicate with lock tenders and other ships using a VHF radio
* negotiate boat traffic
* launch and land in a variety of places
* solve problems and make decisions as needed to keep a group safe and have fun on the water
This full-day course will help you develop all of these skills during a journey. We will send you materials in advance to help you participate in decisions about risk, route and leadership.

* sea kayak suitable for paddling on Lake Michigan
* experience with at least one journey of at least 8 miles
* working toward BCU 3 star award or ACA level 3, skills assessment

Cost: $125

Contact us at kayak.bp@gmail.com or call is at 708.628.4598 for more information or to register.