Alec and Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin are ACA and BCU certified coaches who’ve taught from coast to coast. They focus on helping students become safe, effective and efficient, independent paddlers. They are committed to making learning fun and engaging.


Alec and Sharon were staff coaches for Geneva Kayak Center in Illinois for several years. They’ve been guest coaches for

  • Body Boat Blade on Orcas Island, Washington
  • Adventure Crafters in Queenstown, Maryland

They’ve also coached at the following symposia:

  • West Michigan Coastal Kayakers Association Symposium
  • Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium
  • Inland Sea Kayak Symposium
  • MEC Paddlefest Toronto
  • Ladies of the Lake
  • The Gales: A Storm Gathering

Their kayaking articles and photographs have appeared in the following publications:

  • Ocean Paddler
  • Sea Kayaker
  • Adventure Kayak
  • Chicago magazine
  • Chicago Tribune

They have offered presentations and demonstrations for:

  • Canoecopia
  • Adventure Crafters
  • Chicago Area Sea Kayakers Association
  • West Michigan Sea Kayakers Association
  • Nordic Fox Ski Club

Their motto is “never stop training!” Their influences are many and varied, and enable them to remain up-to-date with best practices in coaching and paddling. They have trained throughout the midwest as well as in Washington state, Georgia and Maine; they’ve trained with coaches from throughout the US as well as the UK.

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